Need help with applying proportional stroke to randomly sized text

I have a sketch at: testing outline width - OpenProcessing

A phrase is output with random size and color.
Some proportion of the time, an outline is added, but rather than hardcoding a value, I want stroke to be proportional to the text size.

I have been trying to use ChatGPT to help, but it lacks enough context to do anything other than reorganising code that functions the same.

When I console.log:

I see a relation of 0.1 as expected.
However, what is drawn on the canvas does not reflect that.

Any ideas?

I am not familiar with processing and I do not really understand your code but I think you have to save correspodending textSize and strokeSize in arrays to get them together. Then you can loop through them and call on corresponding indices. I made a simple sketch in p5.js editor p5.js Web Editor | TextandStroke (

That’s very helpful, thank you!

Hello @optimystery,

Sharing my exploration of this using the CanvasRenderingContext2D interface:


I explored the reference above and experimented a bit.


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Nice, thanks. I will revisit this project soon, so this will be useful. :pray:

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