Need help in processing function

  • Define a function call BuildTheWall that gets the parameters/inputs (the size of each rectangle width or/and height), x coordinate and y coordinate of the first and the last point.
  • The function should draw the rectangles with colour pattern(red, green, dark blue)
  • the function should write the work “start” and the starting point and the point “end” at the end point.
  • The function write " The are ??? rectangles" with the correct number of drawn rectangles
  • call the function in setup function and pass parameters of your choice.
  • In setup function call the function buildTheWall and store the return of the function in a variable call num.

Haha, you are not looking for help, you are looking for someone to do your homework…

Nobody on this forum will help you unless you provide some code showing what you have tried and explaining what is the problem that you face.

Please consider reading this post:

I learned that I am no longer allowed to give you the code but here is a nice quote from the guidelines:

Have fun.

There are ways to help without giving out full code solutions. If you want to discuss the policy, please post in the site feedback category instead of airing your grievances on other posts.

There is a conversation to be had, and I’m willing to listen, but this thread is not the place to have it.

@avro Which part of this are you stuck on?

The best advice I can give you is to break your problem down into smaller steps and then take those steps on one at a time. Which step are you stuck on?