Need help for a simple game


I am an architecture student and I need to develop a simple game for a project, but I never coded. Here is what I need to do (in Java):

-I want three shapes of different color blue-yellow-red to move in the screen in a ‘‘DVD player’’ fashion.
-there are three behaviours that are each assigned to a color:
1)scale up/down;
2)shake more/less;
-when the mouse touches a shape, the shape’s behavior is diminished (ex it scales down or shakes less) BUT it also amplifies the behaviour of another shape (ex a shape of another color is multiplied)

-when the mouse is clicked, the behaviors switch and are assigned to another color.

If somebody has an idea on how to write this it would save my life; I am currently trying to understand how to create classes of objects but I am a bit lost.

Thank you very much!

A newbie

even we would like to save lives,
we can not / are not allowed to / do your home work.

but we can help.
please post your class code and your specific question
( possibly reduced to ONE point to work on first )

the code must be formatted! in PDE and here for posting.


Goggle search for classes+processing

A lot of good links there to get you started.


Not understandable what you mean

Are you talking about buttons like play and stop buttons?

See also

Drawing colored shapes is quite easy to do with Processing and generating a random number, which is fairly easy in Java and most mainstream languages, will help you to select a different shape from some collection of them. You are going to need to track the state of a particular shape though across the whole of the time the program runs, something which objects will help with.

For storing different kind of objects in an Arraylist see