Need a help in simple "Label Marker" processing game

As i am new to processing so the program seemed vary hard for me. if some one helped me with that i would be glad.The instructions are given below:

Write a program which will allow you to type a message at the bottom of the canvas, in a very awkward way. There will be a ring of characters (letters, blanks, punctuation marks, etc.) that rotates continuously. The top of the ring should be marked somehow (in the example, there is a small vertical line). Whenever the user clicks the mouse in the canvas (anywhere), whichever character is closest to the top of the ring should be added to the message at the bottom of the canvas (in the example, it would be ‘F’). Here are the specifications which you must follow:

  •  Use a String constant (right at the top of your program) to control the characters which will appear around the ring. You (or the marker) should be able to change this String, and it should still work. Include letters, a blank, and some punctuation marks. You could add digits, if you like.

  •  There should be a rectangle of a contrasting colour at the bottom of the canvas, in which the message will appear, as shown. The ring of characters should be centred in the upper part of the canvas.

  •  The characters should be drawn, one at a time, in a ring, as shown. The ring should rotate at a constant speed. It could rotate in either direction, but clockwise is probably easier to program.

  •  Draw some sort of mark to indicate the top of the ring. It could be a simple line, or a hollow box, or a V shape, or whatever you like.

  •  Write a mouseClicked() function. This is a special function that will automatically be called by Processing whenever the user clicks the mouse in the canvas. Another charac50%20PM ter (whichever one is closest to the top) should be added to the message at the bottom of the canvas whenever this happens. The message should be empty when the program starts.

  •  Use appropriate constants, state variables, and functions to write your code.

Neat assignment. Did you want us to do it for you?

Too bad.

Instead, try doing it yourself, and post the code of your attempt or what code you’ve already got. Tell us what works. Tell us what doesn’t. Are you having trouble with printing characters? Putting them in a ring? Rotating it? Working with strings? Colors? Maybe you have everything already working and just need help knowing which character to add! If so, a discussion about colors and characters would be a waste of everyone’s time.

Post your code.

I will now yell that you again so you understand that it is an important thing that you must do.


Once more, with feeling.