Moving the circle in the direction of another circle revolving around it in canvas

I have a problem of moving the big circle in the direction of small circle when a button is pressed. can anyone help?


  • Make a circle on canvas [Done]
  • Draw a small circle that rotates around the big circle [Done]
  • Move the big circle for 5 pixels when a button is pressed in the direction of small circle pointing at that time [pending]
  • add a drawing effect while moving [pending]
let angle = 0;

function setup() {
  createCanvas(400, 400);

function draw() {
  let cir = createVector(200,200);
  let velocity = createVector();
  let r = 10;
  k = circle(cir.x, cir.y, r * 2);

  let x = r *2* cos(angle);
  let y = r *2* sin(angle);
  point(x, y);
  angle += 0.01;
    k.x += x;
    k.y += y;

Please Help

Hey Harsha
if u r trying to create a trail or drawing effect while it is moving I would recommend using
background(0,10) instead of background(0)
and for the second point try using cir.add(createVector(x,y).setMag(0.5)); if mouse in pressed and make cir global and define it value inside the setup function

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Hey Harsha,

Remark 1


requires that we move the big circle.

And this

says, the small circle rotates around the big circle.

Therefore you cannot say

      // this is only the initial position of the big circle. but it can and will change!

but rather

translate(cir.x, cir.y);

Remark 2


It says 5 pixels.

You have:

+ x and
+ y

but I recommend:

function mousePressed() {
  cir.x += 5 * cos(angle);
  cir.y += 5 * sin(angle);

which is like how you calculate the small circle but to move the big circle (and with 5).

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