Moving objects with hand detection

Hi, I’m trying to do something like this:

Track each hand motion, and move objects around.

I can detect hand blobs with blob scanner, but there are too many blobs. And I don’t know how to differentiate each hand. Saw some videos using optical flow but don’t know how to apply individual zones to move objects.
I read something about lk optical flow but I’m lost. Thanks

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Update, I adapted some code from
Chapter 6_07:

Basically it creates blobs on motion detected change between two frames.

I mapped those x,y blob position coordinates to a rectangle that has an arrive function.
But i cannot make it to work well, it moves the rectangle but it doesnt get fixed to that position, just wanders through all the screen.

I just want to associate detected blobs with a moving object, that in case if the blob dissapears it would stay in the last blob position, and just if it is near that blob area.
My idea is to use 2 objects one for each hand, and move one or another only if it is nearby the detected movement area.

here is the code:

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