Movie Maker Tool not Using Last Images

There is a series of photos that I am using with the Movie Maker Tool. I used it with the first set of images and found that the video was too fast. I copied each file and pasted back in the same folder so that the the original was named “IMG_####.JPG” and the copy was named “IMG_#### copy.JPG” and Maker Maker worked well enough. I made another copy of each file to allow for the video to slow down and the second copy was named “IMG_#### copy 2.JPG” and Movie Maker worked well enough with that as well.

The problem is that the end of the video cuts out too quickly so that it is hard to read the last word in the series of words written out letter by letter on a whiteboard. I even made 8 copies of the last photo for a total of 9 photos of that last printed letter at the end of the animation. It still ends too quickly as if the last photos are not used but the original photo is used.

I even copied the whole folder and deleted about 120 files of the total of 216 to see if there was a number limit in there somewhere. The same problem happened with the video. The last letter printed is only shown for one frame.

I don’t know exactly, but it could have to do with how the Movie Maker Tool saves keyframes in the .mov file. I imagine that without another keyframe behind it, it might close the file early, or something like that.
Try adding another frame, or modifying the last frame (the 9th one) a tiny bit in some graphics software.

If all of that doesn’t work, I’d suggest you use another tool. It’s just a tiny ‘gimmick’ included with processing, not a really robust tool I’d say. Similar operations can be done with most video software (I use Premiere), but if you’re looking for something free and open it can perhaps be done with ffmpeg:

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Thanks for the reply.

Actually, I made several copies of the last image and gave them sequential names. That still did not work.

In the end, I found and video with simple instructions for Blender to make a video using the sequential images. It worked fairly well. I can at least go with that.

I will also have a look at ffmpeg to see if I can use it. I am not looking for high quality production. I just want to experiment with making some videos for my music. I will have to get back to learning Processing as I would like to use that as well for the same purpose.

Hi, are you using Processing Movie Maker ?