Move image around screen

  • The first task will be to get the images to appear on the screen and to give the interface a screen size that works with the background image.
  • Once this is complete, try to get the image object to move around the screen.
  • As this is a fictional exercise, the starting position can be random, while the starting trajectory can be fixed.
  • The interface will be restriction to a bounded 2D space, for this reason the object should bounce off the sides of the containing window and return in the opposite direction.
  • The object only needs to move in 4 directions, North-East, South-East, South-West and North-West.

That’s a task that has been given to you

That’s not how the forum works

Instead please write some
code and then tell us where you are stuck

Hints: go to reference page and check PImage and loadImage

Also check example section on website and check “Motion”

Chrisir :wink:


Browse the reference and examples to get started:

Examples includes a simple example of bouncing:

…and the reference shows how to load an image and display it in a location:

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