'move() function is a reserved name' warning

Hi everyone,

I’ve been defining and using in one of my sketch for year a move() function as this one:

function move(){

I’ve just updated p5js library used by this sketch (the previous one was 3 years old…) and since I get the following warning in Chrome Dev Tools:

p5.js says: you have used a p5.js reserved function “move” make sure you change the function name to something else.

But I cannot find any move() function in p5js, excepted a .move() method in camera object (https://p5js.org/reference/#/p5.Camera/move()) and MOVE constant (with capital letters for the id of course) used as argument by the cursor() function (p5js.org/reference/#/p5/move)

I’ve written a small IDE for my students that offers them opportunity to learn programming first steps with Blocky and Javascript in parallel. The Javascript library I’ve developped contains basic functions to program a game and one of them that is called move(). As I’ve already written all the documentation, including exercices, screen and video captures, so I want to keep this function with this name move() into my library.

I don’t see any standalone move() function into p5js library. So why this warning? Is this an issue in p5js? How to get rid off this warning without changing the function name?

Thanks a lot for your lights!


Maybe b/c p5js’ warning feature ignores case. So move & MOVE are the same.

Open an issue on their repo:

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Thanks a lot. New issue added: non case sensistive reserved names checking generates incorrect warnings · Issue #6026 · processing/p5.js · GitHub