Monetization and advertising using MoPub

hi every one;
I wish to know how to add moneitization and advertising to android application like banner an interstitiel using andorid processing on computer and also in case of APDE App which is installed in my android phone. Please in our case I use MoPub to generate the advertising

thanks a lot

@kobz ===
Why posting a second time???
Have you got a look to the previous answers in the forum?
What have you tried till now?

Thank you for the orientation
I fact, I find a partial response, but in this second question I wish to know how I can monetize my application in special case which is the use of “MobPub” advertising


@ kobz ===
Sorry, as for now i cannot answer for Processing ; with AS this is possible because you can acceed to the gradle for your app and add moPub from Maven repo. In order to solve that i have to see wether it is possible to get the moPub sdk and make a .jar from it; but it is probably not easy!

@kobz ===
bad news… i have finally got the src for MoPub sdk and tried to build it as a lib for P5; unfortunately this sdk is for android 29 and so i get an error at the end of the process “android.library not found” , which is true but what i can do? -sorry!