Mitosis chain reaction, cant get it under control

Hey all,
so i created this advanced version of the mitosis simulation challange (‘’) and among others included a function to remerge the cells. It kinda works but in most cases one remerch causes a chain reaction which merges all the cells in the canvas. I tried for hours solving this. can anybody help??

plus i created it in my brother wis an html file. now that i pasted it in the editor i realised it has a lot of issues showing the objects without flickering.

please format your code posting by pasting it into the

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of the editor header menu ( context name: Preformatted text )
it looks like
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also can use the ``` manually above and below your code.

thank you.

here in case of a p5.js project,
better not post code, just the link to the
project in the online editor

also please edit your title so it not uses profane language
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Done that, thanks for the advice

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