MIDIBUS: Does using note.setTicks() still require "note off"?

The Midibus library contains a “note” object with an associated method “setTicks()”.
Does this mean that midibus automatically sends “note off” when the ticks have passed or is it still required to send the “note off” message to end the note ?

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Do you mean Note.setTicks()? This is a variable setter. ticks is defined in the Note constructor as “the length in ticks of the Note.”

Have you tested sending a Notes with different ticks lengths and seeing what happens?

I tried it today. At least in my setup I cannot see any effect of the “ticks” parameter. Regardless what I set there, the synthesizer keeps going until it gets a proper NoteOff message.
I had a look at the documentation on midi.org and a midi note-on message only contains two bytes - pitch and velocity. Maybe the “ticks” parameter is meant for use within processing.

Seems right – it doesn’t look like there is any implementation of tick in the library code. I believe it is based on javax.sound.midi –