Merge/ blend p5.Image or base64 image

Hi, im currently working on a paint-like project.

right now I have 3 p5.images:

*template // this is kinda of legal notepad
*doodles // a canvas were I draw
*oldDoodles // old doodles that I get from my database

is there any easy way to merge all this images?
I would love to have another canvas, which is the sum of all those 3.

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I think createGraphics() will do the trick for you. It lets you draw/place things on another canvas, which you can thereafter place anywhere on top of your regular canvas. You can combine all three images on a single createGraphic, or place each image on a separate canvas so you can play around with the stacking order.

Was this what you meant by ‘merging the images’?


Thank u! just found out how to do it

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