Mercator Map question: ellipse not showing

Dear all,

First of all nice to meet you, I am (a very excited) beginner in Processing. Congratulations for this amazingly clear and friendly forum.

As stated in the title, I am trying to use a code from Till Nagel to project a world map and then plot data based on lat and lon coordinates.

The example from Till Nagel called SimpleMercatorEurope is working properly…

…but not the code (TrialAfrica) that I have tried based on SimpleMercatorEurope:

Could someone explained me what I did wrong?

Thank you very much for your time.

Antoine !

You say that one example “is working properly” but the other is “not” – and link to two openprocessing sketches that display maps when loaded.

What specifically is working? What isn’t working? What are you trying to do, what results did you get instead, and what next step are you confused about or do you need advice about?