Match Up (Test your memory game)

I continue with my experiments using p5.js and this is my latest sketch. Match Up is a simple game to test your memory. Just find and remove pairs of matching cards. You can change the background colour and card backs to suit yourselves.

A reasonable score is 40-50 tries at standard level and 30-40 at easy level. The source code can be found in my OpenProcessing portfolio. It can also been played here without embedding issues affecting the text position and visibility.


EDIT 2: The problem with the link identified below has been corrected.

Thanks for the great memory game! The OpenProcessing portfolio link works well, but I can’t get the link quoted above to work. It appears to be a link to a file on local machine, as it starts with, etc.


This might be the intended target of the link (just a guess):

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Nice work. Would like to see it flip the cards a little faster.

@javagar thanks for pointing out the faulty link I have corrected it.

@svan I have sped up the card turning so you can try again above and see what you think.


I have sped up the card turning Better, but personally I’d make it a little faster; I like to play fast, just my preference. It’s a good game and a keeper in my opinion.

Would it be possible to add a speed slider similar to the card back slider? You have a lot of options for the card back; perhaps shorten that slider a little and add the speed slider beside it (if there is limited space for another control).

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