Master Pgraphics for Syphon


had an account a while back but seems i needed a new one

anyway, weird Q. I’m using layers of PGraphics objects pretty extensively in a project, however I’m now in a position where i need to use Syphon to do a realtime render of the work

as far as i understand it, Syphon can only use one instance of a canvas as its output

is there something else im not aware of?

i have like, canvas1, canvas2, canvas3 etc…

even if setup certain [if statements], like, send different canvases out if certain ones are active, it’s like they’re all fighting for the alpha channel and its pretty glitchy

can i setup a master PGraphics layer somehow? Like, can you have a PGraphics sending to a PGraphics?

That way i could send everything to the master PGraphics layer and Syphon could output it respectively


All good, i found the send.screen method.



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