Making the game Crossy Road

Hi my name is Kai and i have a final assignment in my computer science class and i need help making the game crossy road. I have a 57 in the class right now and I need to get a 60 to pass can some please help me. Requirements are classes, for loop and arrays. Thank you for reading this and have a good day.

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hi Kai, yes we might be able to help,
but can not design your project / game for you.

if you know what you want to do,
but your code does not do what you want

please post it here
with a detailed error description,
and we try to help.

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What should i do first?

make a list about the features:

  • 2D or 3D
  • operation mouse or keyboard
  • static or dynamic background
  • object moving one or many ( class or array of class )

show us the running code of your class example

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Hello there Kai,

That 60 should be easy to obtain if you put time and effort in it. As kll mentioned we can’t give you the answers, but if you show us you’re dedicated and willing to learn, there are many people on this forum who’d love to guide you along the way.

What I suggest is updating your basic knowledge. Go to the tutorial page and study the tutorials of which you think that might come in handy for your game. If you see certain functions that you’re unfamiliar with, look it up on the reference page.

Also make sure you experiment a lot with coding. You won’t learn that much by just looking at examples. Instead play around with it, code your own sketches. Try to understand certain functionalities by experimenting with it in different ways.
You mentioned the for loop for instance. Try to make your own small exercises so you get more familiar with how it works. Use it to draw multiple circles on your screen. Once that works, start a new sketch and try to make something that looks like a grid.

Whatever you’re stuck with your code along the way, let us know! :slight_smile: