Looping a texture on 3D Shape that Reacts to Slider Adjustments

Hello! I am trying to figure out how to create a looping texture on a 3D that will restart after it has filled the shape to reflect the adjustment made with the slider. I currently have a texture that is a spiral pattern of a letter radiating out from the center. My slider changes the size of the letter. If I make the text larger halfway through the pattern drawing itself, it will make the text bigger. How do I make the texture restart once it has filled the shape so it will write over the pattern with new big letters? (without having to refresh the code)

I tried putting:
for (i===0){
but it just crashed my code because I have around 14 of these different 3D shapes in the main file.

Here is a link to my code of one shape to isolate the issue! I am posting the entire code in case you want to see the whole sketch am pretty new to coding so I appreciate your help! Thank you!

Isolated issue:

Entire sketch (AKA larger main file):