Looking for some quick (paid) help on an art project

I have a sketch and would like to export frames with a transparent background, thats really about it.

I’d love to find someone who can help on small projects in the future too as I learn more about processing but for now its just this quick project

$15-20 hourly rates


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If it’s really about exporting with a transparent background, use the save() function to save the canvas in the PNG format :

If it’s more complicated and you want some paid help, you can send me an email at josephenry@protonmail.com

SVG is a useful approach, too. Supports transparency and scalable (vector) graphics.

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To get an image with transparency from save(…) by drawing on the default canvas, you need to first change the pixel format to include transparency. It does not by default. Then when colors are specified, include the amount of transparency. For example, background(…) with two parameters specifies grayscale with the second parameter being transparency. This example produced a PNG with a transparent background for me:

void setup() {
  size(1280, 720);
  g.format = ARGB;
  // set the default PGraphics instance ("g") pixel format
  // to include transparency, by default it does not

void draw() {
  background(0, 0);
  // clear to transparent by including alpha 0 in background(...)
  ellipse(width * 0.5, height * 0.5, 100, 100);


I can assist you.


For anybody with a similar issue, you can try adapting this sketch: https://editor.p5js.org/dannyrozin/sketches/r1djoVow7, which is structured something like this:

theta = 0.2

function setup() {
  createCanvas(1000, 1000, SVG);
  strokeWeight(1); stroke(255, 0, 0); noFill();

function draw() {
  // ... 
  // some shape drawing code
  // ...
  save('svg' + theta + '.svg');