Looking for help on the motion sensor problems

Hello, I replace a PIR Motion Sensor according to the 6 steps in my phone.
I followed the schema reported of product introduction and steps in the posted url, but it does not work, it gives me values not consistent with the movements.
I am not so good in electronics, so I don’t know how to proceed.

The signal produced by the PIR is 0V when there is no motion, and 12V when some motion is sensed.
I also tried to connect the signal produced with a series of two resistors: 14Kohm and 10Kohm. And then to the ground. In this way, the potential difference between the 10Kohm resistor and the ground should be 5 volts when some motion is sensed. Anyway it does not work!

Can anyone help me?



Read the Data sheet and pins configuration for your module in general the output must be TTL not 12 volt this voltage refers to power supply


What PIR are you using?

A simple voltage divider is one way to do level translation.

If you are using a 12V system with a 12V signal output then you will need to drop the 12V output to 5V input to Arduino (this may be 3.3V on some Arduinos) as you have done with your voltage divider.

12V * 10 /(10+24) ohms will give you 5V.

The circuit diagram that you provided is missing a common ground from the PIR to the ground of the Arduino.

This suggests that you may have initially tried something else; you may have damaged the Arduino or the input if you connected 12V directly.

I suggest that you test the Arduino inputs with 5V to see if they are working.