Live Web Text Input to be Moderated then Added to Live Video Carousel


I’m planning an event in which I am collecting live text input from an audience to answer a prompt. Here are the steps/functions…

Webpage hosted on cargo collective, collect form inputs
Moderate inputs to check for harmful language
Approved inputs sent to a directory

Directory Set up
Directory has preexisting inputs (to populate)
New inputs are added live (save/refresh function is automated)

Directory to Video (perhaps Max patch is a better tool for this?)
Live video output takes inputs from directory
If no new inputs, refreshes to start again (from input 1, 2…)
If new input comes through, interrupts (for example interrupts at input 3)
If no new inputs, continues from previous (plays input 3, 4…)

I’d appreciate any assistance and contribution! I’m learning on the fly here.


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