Live Input from Multiple Computers?

I am wondering if it is possible to have mic input from multiple users at the same time? Also is there an official name for the thing that I am trying to do?

Here is a little sketch that I made from some examples on the p5.js website and a little of my own code to make the ball more responsive:

function setup(){
let cnv = createCanvas(600, 300);
mic = new p5.AudioIn();

function draw(){
background(70, 80, 20);
text(‘tap to start’, 10, 20);

micLevel = mic.getLevel();
let y = height - 20 * micLevel * height;
ellipse(width/2, y-19, 40, 40);

Sure, and there are multiple ways to skin the cat. One possible solution is WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication). I’m not sure that there’s a quick and beginner-friendly option out there, though.

Are you referring to the live-input-from-multiple-computers-thing? If so, real-time and peer-to-peer (combined with audio, p5.js, and javascript) may turn up interesting results on your favorite search engine.

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This would probably help: