Lerp in a Object Class

Hi people! I just started with processing and I would like to have a class that is loaded before I start the draw function… In this class I wanted to use the lerp function but I get a error “lerp function does not exist”…

   PVector quadratic(PVector p1,PVector p2, PVector p3,float t){  
     var x1 = lerp(p1.x,p2.x,t);
     var y1 = lerp(p1.y,p2.y,t);
     var z1 = lerp(p1.z,p2.z,t);
     var x2 = lerp(p2.x,p3.x,t);
     var y2 = lerp(p2.y,p3.y,t);
     var z2 = lerp(p2.z,p3.z,t);
     float x = lerp(x1,x2,t);
     float y = lerp(y1,y2,t);
     float z = lerp(z1,z2,t);
  return new PVector(x,y,z);

this is inside my class after the constructor… any help is appreciated :smiley: thanks

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