LEAP motion doesn´t works


I have a new LEAP motion sensor. I installed it and also the library, but when I start to run the processing sketch basics, its looks like that (picture).

Thanks in advance for the help



Please put your code by :

  1. Pressing Ctrl+T in the Processing editor IDE
  2. Format your code with the </> button in the message editor.

So people can help you understand the error :slight_smile:

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I am using the basic code of leap motion, Which came in the example of the library.
I connected the leap contoller but it doesn work properly in Processing.

Hi danyman,

Did you find a way to solve it? I’m running into the same problem. The Leap Motion Visualizer recognizes my hands, but when I try the code (even with the examples given by the library) Processing won’t recognize my hands.

The Processing version I’m using is 3.2.3 and the Leap Motion Software v2 (2.3.1+31549) in Windows 10 (Idk if this last, might be the problem).

Thanks in advance,

Hi - I have had a similar, or at least probably related, problem just now. See this post

What works for me is <deleted>. edit: Sorry, I was wrong, starting sketch before plugging in the device was NOT a reliable solution. What seems to work is to upgrade the LEAP software to version 3.2.1, as described in my reply to the post mentioned above

Me to, similar problem.
Windows 10
Orion 4.1.0+52211
Firmware revision: 1.7.0
Processing 3.5.4
Library “Leap Motion for processing” (installed from the library manager)
When trying the LM_1_Basics, I get this:
Leap Motion Library v2.3.1.6 - Leap Motion SDK v2.3.1+31549
and then nothing…
Is there anybody who knows how to make it run?

My progress:
Orion 4.1.0+52211 (default latest driver proposed for Leap Motion website): there’s no java sdk in.
So I uninstalled and installed Orion 2.3.1+31549 that you can get here: https://developer-archive.leapmotion.com/v2?id=skeletal-beta&platform=windows&version=
and the fix for windows from here: [RESOLVED] Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Bugfix - Customer Support - Leap Motion Community Forums
And then it worked… for a while :frowning:
after a few moment, it doesn’t work anymore.
So I just tried with Orion 3.2.1+45911
Seems to be better. It just stops when I put my two hands on. But maybe because I’m in usb2. I’ll try on a usb3 port.
Well, at least, I can start playing with processing!

the link for Orion 3.2.1+45911: Get Started | Leap Motion Developers

uninstalling the last LeapDeveloperKit_4.1.0+5511 and installing the LeapDeveloperKit_3.2.1
worked for me, after doing it so I was able to finally see the leap data in processing, instead of just the white background from the test sketch.


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