LEAP motion doesn´t works


I have a new LEAP motion sensor. I installed it and also the library, but when I start to run the processing sketch basics, its looks like that (picture).

Thanks in advance for the help



Please put your code by :

  1. Pressing Ctrl+T in the Processing editor IDE
  2. Format your code with the </> button in the message editor.

So people can help you understand the error :slight_smile:

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I am using the basic code of leap motion, Which came in the example of the library.
I connected the leap contoller but it doesn work properly in Processing.

Hi danyman,

Did you find a way to solve it? I’m running into the same problem. The Leap Motion Visualizer recognizes my hands, but when I try the code (even with the examples given by the library) Processing won’t recognize my hands.

The Processing version I’m using is 3.2.3 and the Leap Motion Software v2 (2.3.1+31549) in Windows 10 (Idk if this last, might be the problem).

Thanks in advance,

Hi - I have had a similar, or at least probably related, problem just now. See this post

What works for me is <deleted>. edit: Sorry, I was wrong, starting sketch before plugging in the device was NOT a reliable solution. What seems to work is to upgrade the LEAP software to version 3.2.1, as described in my reply to the post mentioned above