LazyGUI - a GUI library for easy iteration

Check out this GUI library I made, it aims to tighten the iteration loop even more than previously thought possible and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it before I submit it to the processing foundation as a potentially official library…

Find the readme, source and jar on github:


…and what is so easy about it…?


You don’t need to declare control elements in setup() or keep track of any objects - you just query what values you need in draw() using a unique path and they get lazily initialized the first time you do it. Way easier to change things when it’s all together in the draw() function.

Also your GUI values can get autosaved when closing the sketch so you can jump right back to where you were when you just want to edit a piece of the code and re-run it.

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Thanks a lot!

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Very handy lib.
It’s now an essential tool in my everyday’s workflow.