Large windows temp folder due to builds

I’ve noticed that my temp folder is ballooning in size as I build applications to android, the other day I had no space left on my hdd and had to resort to a fresh install as it was quicker than asking windows to delete the folder. Too many files clog up the delete process for some reason.

Anyways I’m wondering if I can just install processing to a separate disk and have it use that disk to save temp build files. I’ve looked in the preferences however I cannot see any way to achieve this.


Woops this has kinda been asked before and it seems theres no way to change the temp folder location.

cc cleaner seems that way to go.

I have not tried this:

I have learned various strategies to manage disk space over the decades on Windows systems:




Years ago…

I made a custom portable version of Processing:
Folders created during installation - #5 by glv

I may revisit this again with the current build of Processing.

There may be something in there for the temp folder.

Adding this to list above:


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thanks for this, this does seem a bit advanced for me, but I shall take a look, and see what I can understand.