Keyboard POV 6DOF control & Teapot in-joke

Demo app for keyboard input to control POV in 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF).
Teapot fans might find the version used herein to be of interest.
Compressed the teapot to fewer than 200 data.
“Hello World” 6DOF text control to say hello inward to a globe mapped teapot…

Project uses XYZ orientation found in OpenGL and USA math and USA physics classes:
X positive to the right,
Y positive away,
Z positive up


Thanks for sharing this!

Your overview says:

Sketch is intended for inclusion in the \topics\interaction\ section of the processing3 examples, but the change to example submissions to being libraries tharwted me.

Do you mean that you want this to appear in Contributions Manager under Examples? Or that you want it to appear on this page under interaction?

I’m not sure if any homepage examples include things with integrated 3rd-party libraries. Maybe as an example for G4P? Or can the core interface be separated from G4P?