JavaFX Processing Sketch doesnt draw()

Hi, I am running a processing sketch by calling it from a JavaFX application…

public class Main extends Application {

public pro sketch;


public void init() throws Exception {

sketch = new pro();;



public class pro extends PApplet {

public void run(){

String[] processingArgs = {“”};

PApplet. runSketch (processingArgs, this );


public void setup() {

minim = new Minim( this );



public void draw() {

if (frameCount % 100 == 0){

System. out .println(“In Draw:” + frameCount);



This works well for me on two Windows PCs I have but a third one, which is not as powerful but not very old, the processing sketch never draws, the canvas appears but then just nothing. I can see code in setup is run when I add lots of logging but in the Minim( this ) “this” is null as if the sketch hasn’t had time to load itself properly.

If anyone has any suggestions that would be great but are there other areas I can check for internal PApplet logs or perhaps some PApplet methods I could call to check its state.

Any help much appreciated.

I decided in the end this was just because it was a rubbish PC!