JAR won't load in Processing 4.3 but did in 4.2

sketch works fine under 4.2 but with 4.3, I get “The package “javax.mail” does not exist. You might be missing a library.”
javax.mail.jar still resides in code folder next to the sketch.

Any ideas?
Thanks, Philip

Try drag the jar onto the processing IDE
to register it again

Yeah, already tried that, but it says that it’s already beed copied…


Rename code to code1

Try again

Renamed, dragged jar onto the sketch again. Folder code was created, but the jar not copied. Gives me an error, though: Could not add ‘javax.mail.jar’ to the sketch.

Hello @Philip,

Gives this a try:

javax.mail.jar 1.6.2 in the code folder:

Try just testing your jar file in a new sketch.


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Hm, that’s funny.

Existing javax.mail.jar

  • Works with Processing 4.2
  • Doesn’t work with 4.3 with current project
  • Works with 4.3 on a blank sketch

Linked javax.mail.jar 1.6.2

  • Works with 4.3
  • Since it’s from 2018, I thought I’d have it already. Unfortunately, I can’t see what version I am currently using

Anyway, this version seems to work, at least now it throws another error :upside_down_face:

Thanks for your help, @Chrisir and @glv