Issues when rendering transparent images in 3D

Hello all! I’m having some issues with my program. I’m trying to render multiple 3d objects (“trees”) in this situation, but even if they’re transparent sometimes they won’t be. There’s a transparent border that displays incorrectly, almost as if it’s transparent & not transparent at the same time.

This only happens when using P3D, since I’m using multiple PGraphics objects to render everything.

Similar problems I’ve seen have solved them by using the built-in hint() method, but it has no affect for me. Along with that, if I try and change something using the PGraphics.hint() method, I get an issue:
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "com.jogamp.opengl.GL.glDepthMask(boolean)" because "" is null

I’ve tried to change the render priority (backwards, forwards, etc.) with no luck. The images are transparent and yet not.

Please help!


When using PGraphics.hint() in Eclipse, there seems to be an issue where if you don’t call .hint() in the applet as well, you’ll run into some issues:

Enabling depth sort fixes the issue, but I also plan on using the depth mask later on.
This doesn’t work with everything, issues arise if I render something from a different chunk. I think the only solution for that is to prioritize chunk rendering, but I’ll get around to it.

Either way, thank you!