Is it possible to do a HTTP post from a Processing program?

I’ve been a Processing heavy user for years. Among other things have used loadString() quite a lot to fetch information from web server(s) . Is there a counterpart to loadStrings() which would allow me to do a HTTP post to (my own) webserver? I looked in the documentation and saveStrings doesn’t seem to support the use of URL parameters.

Or, should I just start learning P5*js? I’m afraid the latter is true :slight_smile:


This may be of interest:


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For POST specifically note that for Processing 4 / Java11+, posting can be done through

An example (in Java):

…and the library documentation:

However, isn’t available in Java 7-8 / Processing 3.x. For that, you can use the HTTP Requests For Processing by Madson and Shiffman – the library is installed through Contributions Manager. Here are related discussions:


Thx a lot! Looks very useful,will try this tomorrow.

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