Is it dangerous to link my router to my pc?

Hi! i would like to know if it’s dangerous to link my router to my pc
I did this for my website project with processing :thinking:

What do you mean by dangerous? Complications with you code, that if you make mistakes your Router blows up (messes up things within its code) or that hackers could get Access to your System? In both cases i think there wouldn‘t be any Problems, if you know what you are doing. Obviously, if you Open a Web page, you increase the probability to get hacked depending on how popular your page gets. But that is obvious. Think about Facebook and Wikipedia. They Need good Security to avoid such things. While Most Blogs are pretty save, because they don‘t really attract hackers… And if you could cause Problems within your Router, i don‘t think that could happen, Since if you try to Open webpages, you don‘t really do much with your Router, But more with either your own pc(if you have your own server) or with external Servers. But Most official ones should have Security against such mishaps… And just as a side Note, your Router is always connected to your pc, Else you wouldn‘t be able to Access the Internet :sweat_smile:

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but if i buy a router to link the rasberry pi to the port 80,
Will the probability to get hacked go lower? :thinking:

As i said, if it‘s just a private page that at Most 3 People will See, the probability to get a Hacker in them is almost 0. Security against such things Makes only really sense if you really Need to sorry about it, like for big webpages with at the very least 1-200 regular visitors. And as Long as anything is connected to the Internet it can get hacked. Theres basically nothing that can Lower your probability to get hacked, except some security against it.

@Quix if you are nervous about your ability to secure an important machine when exposing it to the internet – your ability to set it up correctly, or to keep up with the changing security landscape – then just don’t do it.

Instead, one option is to host the website using a web hosting service and keep a backup. If the service is hacked, your personal machine won’t be compromised. There are many free or very cheap web hosting services.