ipCapture in p5

Dear team, i have an issue connecting my IP camera to the p5 environment.
p5 works with " capture = createCapture(VIDEO);" in order to access a webcam

Processing 3 has the function ipcapture which allows me to access the IPcamera stream as follows

import ipcapture.*;

IPCapture cam;

void setup() {
// cam = new IPCapture(this, "", "login", "pasword");

I looked in


but i seem not able to make it work. Some advice that leads me in the correct direction would be of great help

any advice on this matter would be of real help and appreciated.

Processing 3’s IPCapture abilities are not a “function”. They come from a library! Specifically, the ipcapture library.

This library won’t “just work” when you switch to using P5.js. Thankfully, the source for that library is available, here:

So you could - in theory - not use the library, but make use of its source code to do the same thing (connect to a camera at an IP address). Of course you would have to find the JavaScript equivalent for a java Authenticator, but that’s a different story…

Or you could JFGI for “javascript how to connect to ip camera”.

This looks helpful: http://how-to.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_embed_IP_Camera_in_web_page_and_website

This looks promising: http://foscam.us/forum/a-how-to-embed-any-foscam-ip-camera-in-webpage-using-1-line-t9113.html


Thank you so much for providing a variety of options i can work with.
I will try and come back once all implemented correctly for others that might have the same issue.

(and yes i knew when calling IPCapture a “function” i knew a person that understands better will have a “sigh” :slight_smile: Thank you for taking the effort to explain TfGuy44