Intersection of 2 circle arcs

As the title says, I would like to get the X and Y coordinates of where the 2 arcs intersect.

I only know how to check if they do intersect… hides in shame

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Did you look it up in Wikipedia?


look at map() in the reference

The article Chrisir found for you shows there no need to to use arcs for this problem.

I have same/similar question - how to get coordinates of 2 intersecting arcs (parts of circle not ellipsis) (possible 0, 1, 2 intersection points) ?

I have found solution for finding interesection of 2 circles - Find the intersections (two points) of two circles, if they intersect at all · GitHub

So what remains is find if these points belong to both arcs (parts of circle).

Any suggestions about this?

@quark I saw in some other comments you mention that you have done intersection with other simpler shapes, maybe you have also done for arcs?

I don’t have a ready-made solution to find the intersection of two circular arcs and since I am away from my computer I can’t develop one for you but I can suggest an algotithm you might use.

Step 1
Assume that the arcs are two full circles and calculate the intersection points (if any)
Step 2
For each intersection point calculate the angle made for each circle using atan2(iy - cy, ix - cx) and see if the angle lies within the arc range. If it does for both arcs then you have a valid intersection point.