Intersecting ellipses animation

This sketch demonstrates a closed-form (algebraic) solution to finding the intersections of 2 arbitrary ellipses. Masochists and mathematicians can see some of the maths I developed here.

The minimum number of ellipses is 3 but the upper limit is really dependent on the power of your machine, web-host and probably the browser. There are 3 locations where you can find this sketch

  1. My website 400-500 intersections found per millisecond
  2. p5.js Sketch editor 400-500 intersections found per millisecond
  3. OpenProcessing 120-170 intersections found per millisecond

Access right-left panel & switch off “LOOP PROTECTION”. :wink:


Thanks for pointing that out. I switched it off and got similar result to the others. :+1:

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