Integrate library into angular app

I am trying to use this library in .net core angular app. Please tell me how should I do this. I am new to angular

Hi @jajanps, Can you provide some more information on your project please? Is this a Processing library? and which one are you referring to?

I am trying to use this p5 sound library to record speech with microphone, the p5.sound.min.js

-> I added the library to my “src” folder and the project stopped running(returned me to a page which has response “Cannot /GET” written on it

Are you Daniel from the youtube channel, “The coding train”?

yeah Im a bit new to angular as well I know theirs a typescript variant for p5js on git but Im unsure how to install/add it to the app modules to get it to work. I tried using the standard p5js typescript definitions file but I kept running into a TS2304 error saying it couldn’t find anything