Installation/Build Issues with .apk files


I can create and run an Android processing app on my phone when attached via USB… It seems to “stay” on my phone.

(Top tip. I have seen LOTS of people complaining about their app not compiling because of icon issues. I found that copying icons from someone else’s project (then editing them) seemed to work better than making my own .pngs).

But the 3 .apk files that get made, if I down them to my phone via a web link, my phone says “Can’t open file”. I have altered my Settings to allow unsigned apps.

Any ideas? Thanks


p.s this is for a single-use app so don’t really want to get into Play Store stuff right now.


  • is your apk correctly downloaded?

  • is your apk using permissions? if your phone is using >mashmallow you have to get them on run time

  • is the debug version installed on the phone? if yes destroy it…

  • can you give some link for downloading it? - send it by email

Thanks so much for your offer of help, that is so kind.

I don’t think it is using any permissions, it used to get tweets that mentioned a keyword (which I assume needs INTERNET permission) but I took that bit out…

The entire project is here:

And as I say, it runs/builds and sends across USB fine (and is even there on my phone now) but if I download any of the 3 .apks that get built, then no dice…

Thanks again…


p.s This is unfinished code and I’m a newbie btw…

You do not need the download the three apk file. You just need one. I do not remember which one. If you post the name of the files here I can tell you.

You also need to make sure you uninstall any previous version of your program in your phone. To uninstall, you need to go to the application drawer (not the home page) and long press in your icon and you should be able to see the option to uninstall, either as a pop up or as an icon close the the top edge of the screen where you can drag and drop your app.


i have given some (quick!) look at your code: nothing weird, it has to run and i dont think it needs “dangerous” permissions. So the problem is with the apk. Firstly i dont understand why you are speaking about “3” apk (at the beginning i thought that 3 was its name!): there is only one! - secondly: you have to uninstall all previous versions on the phone or to change the code version of the app inside the manifest.