Insert sketch in tumblr

Hi !
I am a beginner on processing. I have managed to do what I wanted, I have a code that works. But I can not put this code on Tumblr. I read a lot of pages about it but I can not do it. I do not understand if I have to directly interact in the html code of my tumblr, or if I have to put a code in a tumblr post, or both. I tried to use p5.js and processing.js in addition to the usual processing but I can not do it.
I read that

but it doens’t run or I’m making something wrong.

Can anyone help me ?
Thank you !


I’d start by googling something like “tumblr embed JavaScript” for a ton of results. These look promising:

Get something simple working first. Try doing something like calling console.log() to test that JavaScript is running at all. Then build from there. Good luck, and let us know what you figure out.