Initial orientation needed on 3d models

I wonder if someone could tell me how I access the underlying 3d model. For example I can see from the doc how to import a *.OBJ file - but then how could I for example edit it? Or, how can i set up a structure with a list of vertices and faces and then get it rendered? The documentation for model doesn’t seem to have the set of methods I’d expect. Maybe I’m looking at the wrong object all together?

Also - is there any plan to to provide any VR - say by including A-frame? I’m not clear how the whole 3d thing fits together here …

If you are loading the .obj file into a PShape, then you should be able to access the individual vertices by calling (PShape)shape.getVertex(2); to get the 3rd vertex (the vertex at index 2). Note, that it should be a number less than (excluding) shape.getVertexCount();

Thanks for that. I’ll look into the doc on PShape.