Including shared pde files across projects

for akenaton

5’ and 10’ means 5 seconds and 10 seconds perhaps ? ? ? ? ?

thanks for your post


“C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_101\bin\jar” cvf animals.jar *
added manifest
adding: Animal.class(in = 138) (out= 119)(deflated 13%)
adding: MammalInt.class(in = 688) (out= 409)(deflated 40%)

the above creates animals.jar

“C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_101\bin\java” animals/MammalInt
Error: Could not find or load main class animals.MammalInt

I don’t seem to have any trouble creating class and jar files just getting them to be useable

kfajers provided me a batch file that created an excellent animal and mammalint example with class files that are useable I created a jar from them but the found that the jar was not useable so am still struggling.

When I 1st created the “Command.jar” I remember I used something to automatically place its “.class” compiled file in its correct folder. :crazy_face:

But b/c this time I was more focused on the jar command than javac, I didn’t care to rediscover how I did it. So the trick is the argument -d .! :hushed:

Having javac placing the “.class” files in their correct folder on its own it’s 1 less vector for human errors. :relieved:

Like for example, creating the “.class” folders w/ the wrong capitalization (“Malcolm/” instead of “malcolm/”); thus failing to match the package's exact name! :cold_sweat:

Again, I’ve re-updated my “Processing_Jar_Creation” repo to use the new -d . argument for the javac command within the “.bat” file: :upside_down_face:

Actually, it’s a unified “.bat” now: “CreateJarFile.bat” -> javac -d . *.java && jar cf Palette.jar * :smile_cat:


for GoToLoop

Some success woo hoo

earlier today I changed the path on my machine I was having some issues having to add fully qualified paths to the jar javac commands I found that
I had a path to C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_31\bin
changed it to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_101\bin\
I am not sure what effects this may have had on anything that has preceeded

anyway back to your post

Copied fresh all of files from the GitHub and loaded up Processing

ran PaletteJarSketch and it worked BUT* Processing STILL SAYS
No library found for malcolm.Palette

so renamed all of the files so that they could not be used and finally ended up with just the
PaletteJarSketch.pde and the
C:\Users\mnmmc\Documents\Processing\libraries\Palette\library\Palette.jar and

ran it and I still got output with Processing saying No library found for malcolm.Palette

renamed the library Palette.j_ar I now get no output and a much more verbose error message

The package “Malcolm” does not exist. You might be missing a library
No library found for malcolm
No library found for malcolm.Palette
Libraries must be installed in a folder named ‘libraries’ inside the sketchbook folder (see the Preferences window).

So I am very happy that PaletteJarSketch is using the library Palette.jar and I now need to make sure that I can replicate this again and again AND understand what the hell I was doing wrong before.

Find it somewhat annoying that Processing is telling me there is no library when clearly it is being accessed - but I guess I don’t care as long as it works.

To all responders

I do appreciate all of the help provided by all responders but I must admit that I was getting a little swamped.

I shall now go back over all of this to determine why gotoloops repository stuff works now and why the earlier stuff didn’t.

Thanks again to all ! ! :grinning:


You may try out your luck reporting it below: :flushed:

Thanks, soon as I decide it’s not something I am still doing!

Even “jdk1.8.0_101” is still pretty old. If you look inside my Palette.jar file, at the content of its “MANIFEST.MF”, you’ll see it was created by “jdk1.8.0_121”: :coffee:

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Created-By: 1.8.0_121 (Oracle Corporation)

However, “jdk1.8.0_121” is old too, given latest Java 8 is “jdk1.8.0_172” “jdk1.8.0_181”: :scream:

Actually, I’m right now downloading it. And gonna recompile “” w/ latest Java 8 version and upload it to my repo. :sunglasses:

I find it editing Windows’ PATH system variable w/ “Rapid Environment Editor” utility much easier & safer: :man_mechanic:

My new Java PATH’s gonna be: “%ProgramFiles%\Java\jdk1.8.0_172\bin” :cowboy_hat_face:


The following diagram attempts to give a graphical description of the class java creation process that was implemented with GoToLoop’s GitHub repository.

The primary aim was to demonstrate a java library (.jar) that could provide variables to multiple Processing projects.


Nice diagram! Uploaded it into my repo: :grinning:


just to say that with the palette example (library) the jar i have made with Eclipse && the other one with java tools works and dont fire error after added to the libraries folder

also : ’ = minut, “” = second

as for the second example i misunderstood: it s not only a jar but an executable jar…In this case you have to add to your manifest what is the main entry class, then run the command jar cvmf MANIFEST.MF Programme.jar *.class
m means “use my[provided] manifest”
and also : . bat means nothing for OSX which uses bash…

for akenaton

Thanks ,

Now that I have something that works my plan is to change it to names that are more sensible and perhaps post it back as a general example for others. I am also interested in why Eclipse builds a library that does not return an error message, there has to be a reason for that I would like to be able to modify what GoToLoop has provided to build a library that does not give an error. So I will install Eclipse and give that at go eventually.

All this because I wanted WHITE RED AND BLUE.

My “library?!” is perfectly valid & doesn’t throw any errors/warnings! :triumph:

It’s a PDE glitch which displays a “No library found for…” red warning when we import static any library! :japanese_ogre:

Just comment out import static malcolm.Palette.*; and no ugly red warning will show up: :wink:

 * PaletteJarSketch (v1.1.1)
 * GoToLoop (2018/Jul/13)
 * including-shared-pde-files-across-projects/1701/47

import malcolm.Palette;
//import static malcolm.Palette.*;



ellipse(width>>1, height>>1, width>>1, height>>1);
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For me if I change import static malcolm.Palette.; to import malcolm.Palette.;
I get an error BLUE cannot be resolved to a variable .

I appreciate the effort of those that responded and I now have a better grasp of what’s going on

I particularly appreciate GoToLoops GitHub stuff so I have given that a go myself and have modified GoToLoops stuff a bit and added a couple of graphic files.

My version is at it is slightly different it has I think a better naming for the package and library common instead of Malcolm AND I added a second java file that contains a class with a few functions AND the batch file now creates the library directory and copies the jar file to it.

I expect that my template_for_jar will undergo some changes, I have to get rid of the warning still but as I had not used GitHub before it was a learning experience, albeit less painful than jar files.

I didn’t notice that you had added background(Palette.BLUE); mea culpa :roll_eyes:

Yes that fixes the silly error message.

I am not sure which is the better option having to stick Palette. in front of variables or living with the error message. :thinking: In the new common.jar I created there are class functions and they don’t throw an error its just those ints. I am sure that I read somewhere that it was necessary to declare the import as static. far variables but not sure where I read it.

If its a glitch with the IDE then tProcessing should fix it. :rage: I will report it using the link you provided earlier.

Thanks so much !

import static java.util.Map.Entry; // From Java. No red "not found" warning.
import static processing.core.PImage.*; // From P5. No red "not found" warning.

import controlP5.ControlP5; // Needed if we use `import static` for a 3rd-party lib!
import static controlP5.ControlP5.*; // Displays a red "not found" warning!

println(hex(ALPHA_MASK)); // PImage.ALPHA_MASK constant (0xFF000000).
println(ACTION_ENTER); // ControlP5.ACTION_ENTER constant (6).


I thought at first you might be giving me a means by which to resolve the errors , so I mucked around for a bit trying to make my message go away and it wouldn’t

but I am thinking that you have just provided additional examples

the java and processing libraries are ok with static i.e no warning message

but static controlP5 gives a warning

I will add that info to the bug report if you could confirm that they are just extra examples


Mostly to state only 3rd-party libraries got that red warning glitch when we use static import on them. :roll_eyes:

Plus the extra glitch that we need a regular import in order to use static import for 3rd-party libraries: :astonished:

Thanks I shall update the bug

Hello! I know this is not related to this topic and i hope you don’t mind, but since you have used a palette as an example, I’ve decided to leave here an interface Palette with 138 colors with their relative names for anyone interested in creating a palette library :blush:

public interface Palette {
    static final int
            BLACK                   = 0xff000000,
            DIM_GRAY                = 0xff696969,
            GRAY                    = 0xff808080,
            DARK_GRAY               = 0xffA9A9A9,
            SILVER                  = 0xffC0C0C0,
            LIGHT_GRAY              = 0xffD3D3D3,
            GAINSBORO               = 0xffDCDCDC,
            WHITE_SMOKE             = 0xffF5F5F5,
            WHITE                   = 0xffFFFFFF,
            SNOW                    = 0xffFFFAFA,
            AZURE                   = 0xffF0FFFF,
            IVORY                   = 0xffFFFFF0,
            HONEYDEW                = 0xffF0FFF0,
            GHOST_WHITE             = 0xffF8F8FF,
            ALICE_BLUE              = 0xffF0F8FF,
            FLORAL_WHITE            = 0xffFFFAF0,
            LAVENDER                = 0xffE6E6FA,
            LIGHT_STEEL_BLUE        = 0xffB0C4DE,
            LIGHT_SLATE_GRAY        = 0xff778899,
            SLATE_GRAY              = 0xff708090,
            MARRON                  = 0xff800000,
            DARK_RED                = 0xff8B0000,
            BROWN                   = 0xffA52A2A,
            FIREBRICK               = 0xffB22222,
            CRIMSON                 = 0xffDC143C,
            RED                     = 0xffFF0000,
            TOMATO                  = 0xffFF6347,
            CORAL                   = 0xffFF7F50,
            INDIAN_RED              = 0xffCD5C5C,
            LIGHT_CORAL             = 0xffF08080,
            DARK_SALMON             = 0xffE9967A,
            SALMON                  = 0xffFA8072,
            LIGHT_SALMON            = 0xffFFA07A,
            ORANGE_RED              = 0xffFF4500,
            DARK_ORANGE             = 0xffFF8C00,
            ORANGE                  = 0xffFFA500,
            GOLD                    = 0xffFFD700,
            DARK_GOLDEN_ROD         = 0xffB8860B,
            GOLDEN_ROD              = 0xffDAA520,
            PALE_GOLDEN_ROD         = 0xffEEE8AA,
            DARK_KHAKI              = 0xffBDB76B,
            KHAKI                   = 0xffF0E68C,
            OLIVE                   = 0xff808000,
            YELLOW                  = 0xffFFFF00,
            YELLOW_GREEN            = 0xff9ACD32,
            DARK_OLIVE_GREEN        = 0xff556B2F,
            OLIVE_DRAB              = 0xff6B8E23,
            LAWN_GREEN              = 0xff7CFC00,
            CHART_REUSE             = 0xff7FFF00,
            GREEN_YELLOW            = 0xffADFF2F,
            DARK_GREEN              = 0xff006400,
            GREEN                   = 0xff008000,
            FOREST_GREEN            = 0xff228B22,
            LIME                    = 0xff00FF00,
            LIME_GREEN              = 0xff32CD32,
            LIGHT_GREEN             = 0xff90EE90,
            PALE_GREEN              = 0xff98FB98,
            DARK_SEA_GREEN          = 0xff8FBC8F,
            MEDIUM_SPRING_GREEN     = 0xff00FA9A,
            SPRING_GREEN            = 0xff00FF7F,
            SEA_GREEN               = 0xff2E8B57,
            MEDIUM_AQUA_MARINE      = 0xff66CDAA,
            MEDIUM_SEA_GREEN        = 0xff3CB371,
            LIGHT_SEA_GREEN         = 0xff20B2AA,
            DARK_SLATE_GRAY         = 0xff2F4F4F,
            TEAL                    = 0xff008080,
            DARK_CYAN               = 0xff008B8B,
            AQUA                    = 0xff00FFFF,
            CYAN                    = 0xff00FFFF,
            LIGHT_CYAN              = 0xffE0FFFF,
            DARK_TURQUOISE          = 0xff00CED1,
            TURQUOISE               = 0xff40E0D0,
            MEDIUM_TURQUOISE        = 0xff48D1CC,
            PALE_TURQUOISE          = 0xffAFEEEE,
            AQUA_MARINE             = 0xff7FFFD4,
            POWDER_BLUE             = 0xffB0E0E6,
            CADET_BLUE              = 0xff5F9EA0,
            STEEL_BLUE              = 0xff4682B4,
            CORN_FLOWER_BLUE        = 0xff6495ED,
            DEEP_SKY_BLUE           = 0xff00BFFF,
            DODGER_BLUE             = 0xff1E90FF,
            LIGHT_BLUE              = 0xffADD8E6,
            SKY_BLUE                = 0xff87CEEB,
            LIGHT_SKY_BLUE          = 0xff87CEFA,
            MIDNIGHT_BLUE           = 0xff191970,
            NAVY                    = 0xff000080,
            DARK_BLUE               = 0xff00008B,
            MEDIUM_BLUE             = 0xff0000CD,
            BLUE                    = 0xff0000FF,
            ROYAL_BLUE              = 0xff4169E1,
            BLUE_VIOLET             = 0xff8A2BE2,
            INDIGO                  = 0xff4B0082,
            DARK_SLATE_BLUE         = 0xff483D8B,
            SLATE_BLUE              = 0xff6A5ACD,
            MEDIUM_SLATE_BLUE       = 0xff7B68EE,
            MEDIUM_PURPLE           = 0xff9370DB,
            DARK_MAGENTA            = 0xff8B008B,
            DARK_VIOLET             = 0xff9400D3,
            DARK_ORCHID             = 0xff9932CC,
            MEDIUM_ORCHID           = 0xffBA55D3,
            PURPLE                  = 0xff800080,
            THISTLE                 = 0xffD8BFD8,
            PLUM                    = 0xffDDA0DD,
            VIOLET                  = 0xffEE82EE,
            MAGENTA                 = 0xffFF00FF,
            ORCHID                  = 0xffDA70D6,
            MEDIUM_VIOLET_RED       = 0xffC71585,
            PALE_VIOLET_RED         = 0xffDB7093,
            DEEP_PINK               = 0xffFF1493,
            HOT_PINK                = 0xffFF69B4,
            LIGHT_PINK              = 0xffFFB6C1,
            PINK                    = 0xffFFC0CB,
            ANTIQUE_WHITE           = 0xffFAEBD7,
            BEIGE                   = 0xffF5F5DC,
            BISQUE                  = 0xffFFE4C4,
            BLANCHED_ALMOND         = 0xffFFEBCD,
            WHEAT                   = 0xffF5DEB3,
            CORN_SILK               = 0xffFFF8DC,
            LEMON_CHIFFON           = 0xffFFFACD,
            LIGHT_YELLOW            = 0xffFFFFE0,
            SADDLE_BROWN            = 0xff8B4513,
            SIENNA                  = 0xffA0522D,
            CHOCOLATE               = 0xffD2691E,
            PERU                    = 0xffCD853F,
            SANDY_BROWN             = 0xffF4A460,
            BURLY_WOOD              = 0xffDEB887,
            TAN                     = 0xffD2B48C,
            ROSY_BROWN              = 0xffBC8F8F,
            MOCCASIN                = 0xffFFE4B5,
            NAVAJO_WHITE            = 0xffFFDEAD,
            PEACH_PUFF              = 0xffFFDAB9,
            MISTY_ROSE              = 0xffFFE4E1,
            LAVENDER_BLUSH          = 0xffFFF0F5,
            LINEN                   = 0xffFAF0E6,
            OLD_LACE                = 0xffFDF5E6,
            PAPAYA_WHIP             = 0xffFFEFD5,
            SEA_SHELL               = 0xffFFF5EE,
            MINT_CREAM              = 0xffF5FFFA;

Here’s a nice sketch that you can use to test it:

import palette.Palette;

Windmill windmill;

void setup() {
  size(400, 400);
  windmill = new Windmill();

void draw() {

  rect(0, 2*height/3, width, height);

  ellipse(width/4, height/5, 150, 75);
  ellipse(width/2, height/7, 100, 50);;

class Windmill implements Palette {
  void show() {
    translate(width>>1, height>>1);

    fill(SIENNA); //dome
    ellipse(0, -10, 80, 80);

    fill(KHAKI); //cylinder
    rect(0, 50, 80, 120);

    fill(SADDLE_BROWN); //door
    rect(25, 85, 15, 50);

    fill(IVORY); //blades
    for (int i = 0; i<3; i++) {
      float x1 = 100 * cos(TWO_PI/3 * i + (frameCount * 0.02));
      float y1 = 100 * sin(TWO_PI/3 * i + (frameCount * 0.02));
      float x2 = 100 * cos(TWO_PI/3 * i + PI/5 + (frameCount * 0.02));
      float y2 = 100 * sin(TWO_PI/3 * i + PI/5 + (frameCount * 0.02));
      triangle(0, 0, x1, y1, x2, y2);
    fill(GOLD); //axis
    ellipse(0, 0, 10, 10);

Again, sorry if this is not related to the topic :blush: hope you like it


Very nice windmill colorful animation! :wind_face:

Just a little detail: if we have import palette.Palette; in the sketch, we need to have package palette; in “”. :innocent:

And while I’m at it, made some very small optimizations to your loop: :sunglasses:

    fill(IVORY); //blades
    final float step = .02 * frameCount;

    for (int i = 0; i < 3; ++i) {
      final float x1 = 100 * cos(2*THIRD_PI * i + step);
      final float y1 = 100 * sin(2*THIRD_PI * i + step);
      final float x2 = 100 * cos(2*THIRD_PI * i + PI/5 + step);
      final float y2 = 100 * sin(2*THIRD_PI * i + PI/5 + step);

      triangle(0, 0, x1, y1, x2, y2);