Importing classes from an external GitHub repo

I want to use some JavaScript tools located on the following github repo: GitHub - mfogel/polygon-clipping: Apply boolean polygon clipping operations (union, intersection, difference, xor) to your Polygons & MultiPolygons.

I’ve tried installing with npm and then pointing a tag to the library but I must be doing something wrong?

Please help!

I suspect this is a very simple process to follow but I just can’t get it to work.

Just copy the code that you need to a separate tab

So copy all code from the ~15 source module folders?

Isn’t there a better way to use external code that is more robust managing dependencies and code versions?

Perhaps some equivalent to require() or import that works with p5.js??

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Hi @Broccaaa,

just put this in your html and use it …

<script src="">/script>

— mnse

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Yes thank you!

It was this bundled/minimized script I needed.

File “package.json” has a “browser” entry w/ “dist/polygon-clipping.umd.js”:

That library is primarily for NodeJS. That’s why we have to look for the “browser” version file.

BtW, here’s a minimalist “index.html” to remotely load both “p5*js” & “polygon-clipping”, plus “sketch.js”:

<script defer src=//></script>
<script defer src=//></script>
<script defer src=sketch.js></script>