Imaging an audio file

Hi, I would like to realise these things with Processing after importing an audio file of my voice registered (or in real time):

  1. Realise a video
    1.1. display in a window the spectrogram with colors (for the amplitude) istant per instant during the audio speech (so realize a video on the spectrogram during the time);
    1.2. save and export the video realized (e.g. in .mp4 o .wav).

  2. Realise an image
    2.1 display a 2D image of the entire spectrogram with colors in CMYK
    2.2 save and export the image realized (e.g. in .jpeg).

  3. Realise a 3D model of the spectrogram with colors
    3.1 display a 3D model of the entire spectrogram starting from a form to be set (e.g. a globe);
    3.2 save and export the image realized (e.g. in .jpeg or a model file to be printed with a 3D printer).

In addition, for every instant (e.g. 0.1 milliseconds), I would like to create an array of amplitudes, frequencies and phases to be saved as a data table to be used in a second step.

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this is very complex.

Is it a kind of exam or homework?

It sounds interesting!

Please look at minim library.

Looking forward to see your results.

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