Images with white boxes

I am not sure if this is the right place to put this since it isn’t strictly coding based and i believe it is the program i am using (paint) for my images.

Is there a way for sprites/images to not have white boxes around them if you do not colour in everything. For example in the game i am doing, the bullets have white parts where i have not coloured it in fully to intentionally make it look like a bullet. As you can see there are white parts which i would like to be able to remove and have it as blank / coloured like whatever the background is.


(Please excuse the art).

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you mean you want the background ( the here white parts ) transparent?
you use windows microsoft paint program?
not sure that is able to do that? ( win7 no, win 10 yes ?)
also depends on the saved file type.

you can try (224MB file for windows)

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Hey there !

Yes ! You need to use a program which supports transparency if made in paint, even though it a png it will still put a background on it. Another great free software if you are on windows is it allows you to make transparent png’s. You can download it from here.

Hope this helps !

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I use GIMP and tried this with your image:




Thanks you helped a lot! :slight_smile: