Images in PDF Export

Relative newbie question. As the library states, images in PDF export don’t look very good:

* Images don’t look great, mostly because of the difference of expectations in how a PDF should look (scalable and high res) versus what happens when image data is written to it at 72 dpi.

Is there a way to get around this? For example by using a higher resolution and scaling it down? Or is there an other way to create pdfs?

My code draws normal stuff that comes out as perfect vector drawings, but also includes some little logos that are jpg files. They final jpg images in the pdf are too low res to be used professionally.

Thanks in advance!

Any way you could use vector logos instead of bitmaps?

Also, I just tried the LargePage pdf example from Processing by adding a 2000 pixel image of the word “hello” exported from inkscape, and the resulting pdf looks good I would say.

What size are you setting for your pdf?