Ignore the first point in a Line (Kinect Depth)

Hey Guys,
i’d like to draw lines similar to the infamous “Unknown Pleasure” Album cover but with a Kinect v2 as source for the line positioning and the depth measured by the Kinect for the elevation of the lines.
Like a “Kinect unknown pleasure selfie” if you’d like.
My Problem is that it offsets the first point per row by the mapped depthValue which causes a long straight line at the beginning of the row. Please find the picture below.

I’ve been trying to tackle this problem for 2 days now, doesn’t seem to compicated but i just don’t seem to get it.

void draw() {

  //Get DepthValues from Kinect (0-4500) length = width*height
  int [] depth = kinect2.getRawDepth();

  int xPosPrev = 0;
  int yPosPrev = 0;

  //initialize change boolean to check if the row changed
  boolean changed = false;

  //Set spacing from point to point 
  int spacing = 5;

  // Loop through all points
  for (int y = 0; y < kinect2.depthHeight; y+=spacing ) {
    for (int x = 0; x < kinect2.depthWidth; x+=spacing ) {

      //get index for corrosponding Pixel 
      int depthIndex = x + y * kinect2.depthWidth;

      //get depthValue for this parcticular Pixel
      int d = depth[depthIndex];

      //map values to properly show them
      int dmap = int(map(d, 0, 4500, 0, 500));
      //set X&Y, translate y by mapped depth value
      int xPos = x;
      int yPos = y + dmap;

      //check if row changed so they won't connect
      if (changed == true) {
        changed = false;
      } else {
       //draw if depth is between theese two values (to get rid of Kinect-BG)
        if (d > 0 && d < 1750) {
          vertex(xPos, yPos);
          vertex(xPosPrev, yPosPrev);
        xPosPrev = xPos;
        yPosPrev = yPos;
  //row changed
  changed = true;

Any suggestions on how to solve this?
Even though i’ve been writing Javascript quite a lot, i’m new to Processing so i thought i’d post in the beginners forum.