I really need a help (circle getting smaller)

please format code with </> button * homework policy * asking questions

I need to make a circle. that size keep samller and color keep change

Okay. So what have you tried so far?

Do you have a setup() function?
Are you calling size()?
What’s in your draw() function?
Have you colored the background with background()?
Do you know how to draw an ellipse()?
Or to set the fill()?
Do you understand map(), color, or variables like float?

There’s a lot of basics to cover, and without seeing your code (or an attempt at your code), we really don’t even know where to start helping you. Maybe you can already draw circles that shrink, and just need help with color changing? Help us help you by showing us what you already understand.

And please format your code with the </> button!

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size 400,400
the code will be use with ellipse ()
the circle will put in the middle

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Once again, please post your code.

All I can assume from what little you’ve said is that your code looks like this:

size 400, 400

ellipse ()

Clearly there is a lot missing.

Please post your code.

If you don’t have any code, just TRY to write some. Then post it.

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When you look here in the section “Hello Mouse” you will see a Sketch

Now you need an ellipse / circle with a variable for its diameter. Add something to the variable in draw() so that the ellipse grows: a = a + 1;

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This is a simple exercise that is achievable for a beginner.

You will have to invest some time, energy and effort and you will soon reap the rewards.

Explore the resources available here and start writing some code:


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