I need help with my project (IMAGES;Y-AXIS;RANDOM)

i am struggeling with an project i have to do for university. I am a beginner and havn’t worked with this program nor was i working on any other coding programs. I study design and have a visual in my head but not the expertise and knowledge of coding to create this, so i wanted to ask whether someone could help me a bit out with the codes i need to use to make it happen. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The topic is “increase the randomness along the y-axis”. I was thinking about creating an interface where there is one small PNG-Image - if the mouseY position is on the bottom. The more i move the mouseY to the top, the number of that same PNG-Image increases exponentially on random positions on the board.

To simplify with shapes. There is one small circle on the board when my mouse is on the bottom and as soon as i move the mouse higher - the circles dupllicate on random positions, having maybe 128 same sized circles after having reached the highest point on the board. Now imagine the circle being PNG-Images. How do i create this?

See New to class and need a project - #2 by Chrisir

Let’s say you work with a for loop to display c images

c is the upperBound of the for loop - check out the reference

c= map(mouseY, height, 0, 1, 128);

or whatever - see reference for map()

for the positions use an array with PVector and fill it in setup ()

So before setup():

PVector[] list = new PVector[128];

fill it with random positions in setup

(a random throughout would make the images jump and everything would flicker)

(lots of room for improvement, eg. size, rotation, relocation…)