I can't create a keystore on APDE

Hi, i recently downloaded APDE on my phone to create games. I wanted to export the game to share it, with the “export signed package” but I don’t understand how to create the keystore. I first tried to select a random picture i had in my gallery to replace it and of course it did not work. Then I created a keystore by typping “game.keystore” and other (game.jks, game.ks …) and “create” but each time there is " keystore file does not exist" written… So I don’t know what to do to make it work

also sorry if it’s not the place to ask the question, im new, and english is not my mother tongue ^^’

Hi @TheDoctor27
Have you read this link?

yes i have but i’m stuck at the 4th step, i keep having the “keystore does not exist”, while im doing whats said

The thing is, I don’t know what the path to the file should be, because the file does not exist yet, and I don’t know where im supposed to put it. I guess its normal that “game.keystore” does not work, but I don’t know what to enter. When I press the folder button, I can only select a thing (not even a file) that already exists, like pictures, videos etc… and the exportation “works” but when i go to where the picture was, there is just a black picture instead, and no apk file

I’ve been thinking about what could have been going wrong.
The first thing you can do is search in your file explorer( Or f.i. SD Maid) if you have already created one with an extension like jks or alike.
If not, use a file editor like f.i. QuickEdit and create an empty file like"ks1.ks"
Then you search this file in the export dialog with the folder button.
After typing the 8 char long passwords use the second + button (near “I”) and try.

Okay thanks I’ll try

I have another problem : I cant select a file with the folder button, apparently I can only select an element (like I said, pictures, videos…). I did create a file (sk1.sk) with quickedit because the previous ones I created were not on the phone, but when I search the file with the folder button on APDE and I click on it, it does not select it, it only opens it, and Im supposed to select an element in it for it to be chosen… So im still stuck, it does not let me choose the file

I tried to write the path myself, and I think it kinda worked, because there is “will overwrite existing file”, but when i continue, I still have the “keystore does not exist”

Have you tried to reinstall APDE? ( Sketchbook will not be removed)
Is your device rooted?
Then you could try to remove “left overs” from previous builds.

When the explorer opens the file, it is because it has no export extension.

i could try reinstalling it
I have no idea if my device is rooted…

If you don’t it isn’t :grin:

Have you set as ‘disabled’ the Keep Build Folder in the settings?

Yes, it is disabled,

Enable and try again.
When you want to use images in Android views with APDE, you need to root your device to reach the assets folder, unlike P4A PC version.
Have you already reinstalled?

I just reinstalled it and nothing new :frowning:

Don’t give up. I remember I had difficulties with that as well, but don’t remember if it could be done without rooting.
I’ll try to replicate the error.

Here is how I do it.
To start I take a new empty sketch, in “app mode”, and move it to the Sketchbook and rename it with a final name. I copy all my final code into that sketch. In Quickedit I save an empty file with always a different name like ksnr5.jks In the export dialog I search it with the folder button, and then press the + button. A new dialog appears, where I press the folder button again to choose the same ksnr5.jks file.
I write two identic passwords(which of course you have to remember exactly.) A message will popup “Will overwrite existing file”. I choose create. Then I press the + button in the second row.
A new dialog appearse “Create Key”, where I write asomething like "myKey " and use the same password I used before. Optionally you fill in other information and then tap Create.