I am creating a floor plan and I want to know how to constraint certain areas to not draw in

Hey guys, I am working on an abstract floor plan using processing. I am making a grid with random rectangles and small ellipses. I have some voids on the four corners and one in the middle. Right now I am just covering up the grid with my big ellipses(voids) to create emptiness. Is there a way to make by rectangles and (smaller) ellipses like really not appear behind those (bigger)ellipses. Like right now I am just hiding them, since the loop just covers them on top each time. I would like them not to appear at all there. Like make a constraint to not draw in those areas. Is there a simple way to do so ? I am quite new, so I would take any kind of help! Thanks:)

here is my script right now:

float x=0;
float y=0;

void setup(){

void draw(){


// Random Boxed spaces. 
  for(x=0; x<width; x=x+80){

    for(y=0; y<height; y=y+80){ 
      int minW= 5;
      int maxW=75;
      int minH=10;
      int maxH=55;
      //Interior support columns.
      //Cubic Spaces

  //Middle void.
  //bottom right void
  //bottom left void.
  //top right void.
  //top left void.
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Yes, technically. You could just calculate if the ellipses/rects you want to display are within the bounds of the „empty spaces“.

For that you‘ll need to do boundary checks, and if the ellipse/rect happens to be within the boundary/ overlapping, then don‘t draw the ellipse/rect. But that‘s gonna decrease performance noticably if you do more than ~ 100 loops each for loop (100^2).

As for how boundary checks work, here‘s some links :

2 Ellipses :

2 Rects is actually pretty simple :

//the Prefix ‚e‘ represents the boundaries of empty spaces. 
if (eX < x && eX + eW > x + w && eY < y && eY + eH > y + w ) 
isWithinEmptySpace = true;

Checking wether Ellipse is within a Rect is also simple :

It‘s the same Code as with 2 Rects, if you don‘t have Center mode… if you draw the Ellipse normally though it will be Center mode, so Here’s how to check for that :

if (eX < x - w/2 && eX + eW > x + w/2 && eY < y - h/2 && eY + eH > y + w/2 ) 
isWithinEmptySpace = true;

2 Circles :

Just check wether their distance is smaller than the Sum of their radii.

Rect within a Circle :

Check if any of the corners (x, y, x+w, y+h) distance to the Center of the Circle is smaller than the radius of the Circle.

Rect within ellipse :

Idk… maybe try calculating the relative position and lerp the width/2 with height/2 according to the angle and then use that as value to compare against the distance calculation… but that might be overcomplicated…

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