Hungry Flower Game: the buttons are not centered in browser, unlike they are in Brackets live preview

Hey all,

I made a game about a hungry flower here.

The problem is that the buttons are no longer centered, nor the commanded size once placed on my website. To give an example I’ll attach how they appear in my brackets live preview. You can see the buttons become slightly off center to the left and also shrink in size once placed on the web.

I’m aware I can place width/2 as values for the button.positions but this doesn’t change the fact that it seems to ignore button.size once on the web.

One last thing is that whilst trying to edit it the web version my browsers do not refresh changes, and in order to see new changes I need to check each time on a new device! This, even after deleting cookies and web data. How can I view updates in my browser and stop it permanently storing old versions?

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